Housebound ★★★

ATM vs thieves. Thieves lose. Welcome to house arrest. Sinister neighbour. So this girl isn't allowed to leave the house as part of a criminal punishment/rehab thing. Not much to do other than smoke and listen to paranormal radio shows. Works for me. Anyway this house might be haunted. Weird noises interrupting a good piss, that kind of thing. Day drinking and watching TV. House arrest looks great.
It's got New Zealand's weird brand of dry humour. Pretty unlikeable main character but that kind of thing never really bothers me. Bit of a slow burn, all the spooky stuff starts out low key. Good use of the old fashioned Motorola ring tone. One of the probation officers turns out to be an amateur ghost hunter. He kinds sucks at acting though.
Some cool scenes. Could've done with less of a glacial fucking pace but it's kind of endearing. Last 20 minutes gets a bit manic plus there's some great gore thrown in so all is well.