Last Days Here

Last Days Here ★★★★★

Doc about Bobby Liebling off of Pentagram, an early days doom band. Pentagram were really underground but had a decent sized cult following. Never made it big and all that. Liebling is the lead singer and is addicted to all sorts of shit, basically on the verge of death at any given moment or so he thinks. He mistakes a plaster for a crack rock at one point. Anyway it's all about him and some very fucking patient and caring friends trying to get Pentagram going again, by signing up with Phil Anselmo's label, seeing as they could've been on the same level as Blue Oyster Cult or Black Sabbath if things had turned out differently.
That's the gist, a real comeback movie.
It's tragic because Bobby is so fucked up on a lot of levels. He's an interesting dude and it's a great story told well with LOTS of ups and downs all stemming from the fact that Bobby is unpredictable and has a lot of demons to battle. It's so engaging. Plus you get to see Anselmo acting as a saviour figure with an almost Anton Chigurh style haircut. Best bit is probably towards the end where the band recount two of the worst shows they ever played. It's brutal. Great documentary and the ending gave me straight up chills.