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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    This played a lot better for me on second viewing. Like, a lot better. The things I liked got better, and the things I didn't t like didn't bother me half as much. Don't know if I was just profoundly tired when I saw it first (I was), or if it's whatever issues I have about substance abuse stuff, but even the manager had moments where he felt like an actual human being and not a CGI characters. Top 3 of the year for me.

  • Primary


    Fascinating fly-on-the-wall doc, and somewhat relieving to see that politics is fundamentally the same.

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  • Unfriended



    I... really enjoyed this? And found it... kinda revolutionary? And expertly executed? I mean, look: you have to buy into the idea that there's a malicious entity out there who makes memes to terrify their victims. But if you can get over that and take it on its own terms... it really works.

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    3 1/2 stars because half of it is 5-star material and the other half is solid 1-star, but then I want to give it just a little extra something for its earnestness and chutzpah.

    But the more I sit with it, the more I think it's a pretty facile, simplistic telling of what could've been a much deeper, more probing drama. Individual sequences get to breathe, then major swaths of plot go by like that Kyle Mooney SNL Breakdancer sketch…