Dark Phoenix ★★★★

I’m not sure why everyone hated this movie?! 


I went in excited and nervous, cause everyone I know thought this was in the bottom 3 in the X-Men Universe, but I could make the case that this is in the TOP 3! Spoiler... It's in my top 3.


Was it a perfect movie?
Not at all

Are there better X-Men movies? 

Could the CGI have been better?

Was Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup a travesty?

Did any of that matter?

But I loved nearly everything else about this movie. 

Sophie Turner is the best thing to happen to X-Men since Hugh Jackman. Every time I see her on my screen, I am immediately lasered in and focused. She is brilliantly captivating and mesmerizing. 

I think this also had the best action sequence (train scene) in an X-Men movie to date (not including Logan & Deadpool). The last time I had my jaw dropped that low in an X-Men movie WAS during Logan

Some may be happy that this chapter of X-Men is FINALLY over, but gosh darn it, I’m not. I think they have had knock out, after knock out. The WORST X-Men movie is First Class, and guess what? I could still sit down and enjoy it. 

Thank you for the memories, X-Men. Since 2000, you’ve had a fan, and I’ll continue to be one as it transitions into the MCU.