Batman ★★★★

Even though it's not the first incarnation of The Bat, this one is referred to as 'The Original Batman' by many due in most part to how absolutely classic and memorable it is. Jack Nicholson in his prime cast as The Joker made quite possibly one of the most perfect villains for a super-hero film ever. From the crispy skeleton at the conference table to the stupidly-long barrel of the Joker's revolver, there are countless memorable scenes in this one that are just absolutely unforgettable. Throw in the fact that every other Batman film has in some way referenced this film as source material for everything from actors portrayals to the design of the Batmobile to the shape of the Bat's Cowl, there's really no wonder that this one is called 'The Original Batman'. Even as such, it isn't my favorite Batman, or even on my favorites list. I still fault the film for its fairly poor action sequences, which is where I think the Dark Knight trilogy excels best. All in all, it's a solid 4-star film in my book, and hands down the best of the first four Batman films.

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