Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★★

Somehow they managed to make each chapter of this franchise better and better through the earlier entries. This one is absolutely no exception. Jason Vorhees finds is face and his pace in this entry, killing more victims and getting more screen time. There's action from the very fist scene through to the last, and some of the more fun slasher moments of the franchise. If you enjoy the franchise seeing Jason step out with that legendary mask for the first time is truly a hallmark moment. The characters are diverse and the performances are solid. The sets are as creepy as ever (remember the wet, dank cellar with the dead skunk?), the make-up was classic 80's fare and the script was classic 80's cheese. It's almost a turning point in both the franchise and genre when folks really start cheering for the antagonist serial-killer every time he hits the screen, rather than the squibbling victims he continues to slaughter. My love for this franchise will probably show from my high ratings of all these films over-all, yet I unapologetically consider this one of my all time 5-star favorites.

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