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  • Husbands and Wives

    Husbands and Wives


    Hi honey:

    This was an interesting watch, especially this time a year later. The parallels are endless and frequently shocking. Woody's monologue about loving Kamikaze women was something else, gives me a lot to consider. I totally get why this is your favorite. I want to remind you of something though. As much as I've thought I'm Tom Hanson or Jesse Fisher or Don Keefer, all this rich writing and authentic characterization, it's still just stuff. Fiction somebody sat down…

  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line


    *Rewatching Malick: Part 3*

    The main takeaway from this endless barrage of blood and philosophizing is that good and evil are two permanent transcendental forces that exist in perpetuity. Each man has different experience with them, feels them differently at different times, and has to make choices regarding each of them throughout the brutality of war, but they exist nonetheless, like the opening crocodile sneaking under the murky water. Malick's love of nature and humanity is ever-present here, exposing human…

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  • God's Not Dead 2

    God's Not Dead 2

    An actual quote:

    *someone sneezes*
    "God Bless You"
    "Careful, or you'll be on trial next."
    God's Not Dead 3: Coming Next Summer

    Yeah, this is pretty bad, but I had a great time just because of how bafflingly absurd it is. Good times.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    I think I should lead with something that I feel many people would lead with, and that is the fact that Star Wars is my everything. Movies are my life, and they wouldn't be had it not been for the absolute passion and anticipation I had for Revenge of the Sith ten years ago, when I was eight years old. I obsessed over the planets, characters, lightsabers, storylines, and the undeniable passion and reverence that existed in this almost historical…