Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside

There's a very unique blend of self-deprecation and self-righteousness on display on here that I find absolutely repellant and I can't bring myself to enjoy a moment of this. There is not a single observation about the pandemic that hasn't been tweeted a billion times. There is no singular perspective. Instead it falls into this new rut of humor (that hopefully is on its way out) where one smiles big and does a silly dance but says phrases like "systematic oppression" and "dissociative disorder". The joke there is that he's acting childish but is saying things that a grown up would. The problem with that is that he's 30 years old and all these big boy words have been done to death in the public square. I have liked much of his stuff in the past and I think he can do more in the future, but this little outing (pun intended) is largely embarrassing and I think the astronomically baffling 4.6 is mainly due to people liking him and being glad he's back, which I get. I just don't know how you can get to the end of any of these songs without thinking 'ok boomer'. The other main aspect that bothers me is that his whole 'I'm gonna kill myself' schtick seems to be an act at this point. Like the part where he can't start the segment and gets frustrated is very clearly just him acting, which is not only not interesting, but it's insulting.

He is good at the music in the little songs, he should focus on those.

Also, I'm really sick of the "oh great, another white man here to give his opinion" self-deprecating shit. Like if you really meant that, you wouldn't be fucking doing this, so stop saying it. The public fretting over wearing an Aladdin costume as a child is so pathetic and attention-seeking, it makes it impossible to take anything else seriously.

I'm waiting for someone more articulate to come along and explain why this is such an insufferable jerkoff. At this point I just want him to get over himself and go live in the woods or something.

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