Bulworth ★★

Political satires are all the rage in Hollywood, and Warren Beatty makes his voice heard with his film Bulworth. This film truly is a Beatty project, as he wrote, directed and stars as Jay Billington Bulworth, a depressed, confused, politician who finally goes off the deep end. Bulworth carries some heavy hitting talent in supporting roles such as Halle Berry, Paul Sorvino, Jack Warden, and one of my favorites Don Cheadle. Amidst the humor, Beatty is trying to relay some serious points on politics in the 90's. While allowing for shots at class systems, and race relations in addition to the obvious political satire, Beatty is not afraid to deliver his message. Bulworth finds himself immersed in the inner-city ghetto scene, uttering rap lyrics as campaign speeches, and speaking the real truth, not the remanufactured double talk politicians are famous for. Bulworth is a different kind of film. While movies like Wag the Dog and Primary Colors took their shots at individuals and administrations, Bulworth speaks out on politicians and government in general. Much of what you hear is true, unfortunately sometimes deciphering it became difficult. I eventually tired of the rapping Warren Beatty, and waited for more biting humor, and fewer obvious targets. A borderline film with a real message.