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  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu


    Very interested in the implied canonical existence of cocaine in the Pokémon universe.

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Why would you show me something I can't have?"

    Loathe as I am to jump fully aboard a hype-train that's going full speed ahead, I keep coming back to so many little moments in this, which is odd given the cumulative impact of it's full-pitched assault. True, there's much to say about its rendering of how capitalism has turned human relationships transactional to people caught in its throes, but I think the key here is how it portays the people…

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  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil


    Has anyone talked about how the (killer) opening of this would be 30 seconds in most movies? Feels like Anderson wanted to fit in an extra one of his large-scale rat mazes by turning the average "incident happens and stuff goes to hell" set-up into at least a little bit of a problem solving endeavor for the pre-ordained mincemeat. The massive axe swing cutting to the close-up of the grain of glass is a fantastic little touch, and my favorite detail in a genre exercise chock full of them.

  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    Resident Evil: Retribution


    As tight a multiplex genre showcase as you’re liable to find—in multiple genres!

    Set pieces from Romero to Cameron to trashy DTV shootouts to wuxia flow seamlessly with a dedicated formalist’s sense of craft and purpose. A perfect thrill machine, and maybe the best-paced American action picture of the decade.