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  • Live Wire

    Live Wire


    What an absolute delight of nonsense. As if Brosnan's ludicrous accent and early 90s Washington, DC set-pieces weren't enough, the whole premise of this movie revolves around exploding Senators. And judges. And clowns. It's amazing.

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island


    It's a bizarre coincidence that two of the worst mainstream movies of 2020--this and Wonder Woman 1984--both heavily rely on inscrutable wish magic nonsense. What's more bizarre is that this $7 million zero effort garbage is only slightly worse than the $200 million superhero garbage.

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  • Mrs. Fletcher

    Mrs. Fletcher


    Well, that was intense. Painfully realistic, to the point of cringe whenever awkward moments happened. And Kathryn Hahn is a gem, of course. I would not agree with its description as a comedy, but I do think it ends on a punchline. I cackled, at any rate.

  • The Pest

    The Pest


    How can anything be so hateful and annoying at the same time? Fuck this garbage.

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  • Ricochet



    This is a God-tier good bad movie. It's like a Cannon film, but with A-list actors devouring the scenery. I mean, Denzel strips during a hostage scenario and Lithgow has a gladiator fight in prison, all in the first 30 minutes. And it only escalates from there. Watch it immediately!

  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job


    WTF? There are some fun elements, especially cars driving down stairs, but I was ultimately left very confused.... And the ending is just infuriating!