Batman Forever ★★★½

An overstimulated, headache-inducing, blunt force fantasy. Getting to hear the barnstorming, Danny Elfman-on-hard-mode Elliot Goldenthal score stomping and wailing out of robust cinema speakers is a real thrill👌👌👌

Why does perma-bachelor Bruce Wayne, who confesses to "not having much luck with women", decide to take in a handsome twunk with perfect glutes, going so far as to groom him by dangling wealth and promises of fancy motorcycles? Sure is some mystery.

My favorite scene in this is early on, where we are shown what is ostensibly courtroom footage of how Two-Face became two-faced; and yet it is shot from multiple angles, and even includes dramatic slow motion close-ups.

There was a time when I found Jim Carrey's performance to be excruciating, but now that I am an older and wiser adult human being, with fully developed brain meats, I am able to appreciate its scenery-chewing brilliance; overacting so sublime it approaches the transcendent.

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