Return of the Jedi ★★½

Why does Luke, a supernaturally powerful warrior, send all his non-superpowered friends in to Jabba first, one at a time, so they can be tortured or made into sex slaves, before he actually goes and intervenes himself? What an asshole.

Barring the unfortunate slathering of gruesome CGI, the first act is the most visually exciting filmmaking this silly series has to offer—but it cribs substantially from the previous year's The Dark Crystal; Jabba's palace is just riffing on the Skeksis castle scenes, and Yoda's death is almost shot for shot the same as the scene where Jen's Mystic master dies and fades away, leaving only a tattered brown blanket that collapses when his body disappears. The rest, though it's passably entertaining blockbuster fluff, is also an incredibly lazy, overlong and shamelessly toyetic rehash of the first film (another Death Star lol), mostly minus the original's kitschy charm.