Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★½

haha the police joke that they don't torture "ni**ers" no more, they torture "people of color" hahaha xD

haha Frances McDormand has to go on a date with a midget whaaaaat??? xD

Have you ever had an aspiring filmmaker friend who's really into stuff like Goodfellas, who is always asking you to read his screenplay and give him feedback, and then you read the screenplay and it's just smarmy Coen Brothers fan fiction with a self-consciously "literary" title, except he puts variants of "fuck" or "fuckin'" in virtually every line of dialogue ("Take down those fuckin' billboards or I'm gonna fuckin' fuck you up, fucker! Fuck!" is not verbatim, but may as well be), even if that's not really how most people in Missouri talk (you quickly realize that his only experience of people from the Midwest is from watching other movies), and the tone is insufferably flippant when dealing with serious topical issues like police brutality, systematic racism and bigotry, or domestic abuse? This is that screenplay—except somehow this junk actually got made and is getting raves.

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