Tenet ★★★

To smug in its own, perceived, cleverness to ever achieve "classic" status. Nolan's films are so unrelentingly pofaced that any real enjoyment the audience might get from them is lost.

But then I guess Nolan is a serious director who makes serious films about the nature of humanity and our battle against our own mortality and time.

As a director I don't find Nolan to have much rewatch ability, you may go back to watch for the clues you missed the first time. But with Tenet if you're paying attention you'll twig on some of the reveals as you're watching so where would the need for a rewatch come from.

Maybe I benefited from watching a subtitled performance, many colleagues have commented upon dialogue being buried under the, albeit good but also intrusive score.

I think I'm one and done with this. Maybe the hype and pressure on Tenet to save cinema as it slowly regains it's feet as the world continues to struggle with Covid set expectations to high.

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