God Loves Uganda ★★★★★

Powerful documentary in the JESUS CAMP mold about how missionaries from the West are exporting hateful values along with their religion to Uganda amongst other places around the world. Ultimately, this leads to Uganda's controversial "Kill The Gays" bill which at the time of this documentary had not yet become law. Not all Christians get a bad rap in this film. A notable Christian who was run out of Uganda for fear of his and his family's lives because he supported the LGBTQ community. Another notable religious figure still living in Uganda was excommunicated from his church for not condemning homosexuality and is also supportive of the LGTBQ community received a medal from President Clinton for his support of human rights. Fascinating watch. This film is a must see as it shows people on both sides and doesn't judge them but lets the audience do that. This is a must see.

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