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  • Memory

  • A Distant Trumpet


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  • Men



    Why every British person looks like deepfake dudes lol. At this point A24 movies are just r/trauma boutique movies. Funny entire plot is subtext and with zero character psyche to the point that it seems like something avant-garde (not a compliment btw)

  • Jack N Jill

    Jack N Jill

    In hell they play this 24 x 7

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  • RRR



    An ingenious adaptation, revision and fantasy of its text -Ramayana and Amarchitrakathas with the anachronism accentuated by its setting to pre independent colonial India. Full mode Arri alexa filmmaking with Zeiss primes- even a Arri made HMI lamp is used ingeniously as prison searchlights on the face,Senthil stretches digital to the limits, lots of flares, lots of fantastic gestures, lots of stunning virtual camera stuff on the other side of Wachowskis and Tsui. Ingorious bastards came a lot while watching…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Probably The Wild Bunch or Liberty Valance of Hollywood blockbusters.

    why use old code to mirror something new? ?? might be the first key to understanding and the first 10 or so minutes of the film gives first shock via refusal of bullet time, then it shifts, shapes and tones, then becomes something new, the last 45 or so maybe the point where it hits every note. Nuts.