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  • The American Friend

    The American Friend


    As thrashing, powerful and meditative as anything Wim Wenders made. An auteur obsessed with Americana, not only takes elevates Highsmith's novels, just simply transcends from a literary adaptation. A meditation on path to crime and also a beautiful elegy on humanity and its different states shot in noir - ish tinges by Robby Mueller with stark, rich colors and an atmosphere that we would want to sink in.

  • Spaceballs



    If this was released after a year of Star wars, what a hit it will be!
    Completely bonkers, stupid, pop-culture referencing, 4th wall breaking, "God this is meta-cinema" level jokes.
    This is peak Mel brooks and stands among Blazing saddles and Young Frankenstein as the greatest Mel brooks films.
    An Utter masterpiece.

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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    The small touches, the pauses, prose and simple small responses tied together with love, felt universal for me.
    Nicholas Britell's jazzy score, that felt like love dripped simultaneously to the ear drums giving power to the meticulously composed and framed shots shot by James Laxton reminding something that Christopher Doyle or Agnes Godard had done during their work with Wong Kar Wai and Claire Denis respectively, with closeups that felt like piercing through soul, it is an overwhelming experience.


  • Peranbu



    Woman cries. Whether it's from a teenage spastic girl or a prostitute it doesn't matter. It's all the same.
    Nature vs nurture is a predominantly discussed theme in world cinema, but seldom discussed in Indian cinema.
    Ram not only discusses about nature vs nurture, it's more about nature and nurture, how it both combines to form a person.
    But here the subject is a spastic girl, for whom climbing the steps of nature is equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.