Is it cool that a filmmaker managed to make a massive blockbuster out of an awesome concept? Hell yea my guy!

I loved the set pieces. I’d say the performances were good but the dialogue was garbage so they didn’t get to do much with it. 

This film is the worst when it comes to exposition. I don’t think there’s a single line in this painfully long movie that is not expository. The plot is also dreadful, I didn’t care about what they were doing, why they were doing and who was doing it... the writing in this was genuinely terrible. There was nothing interesting plot wise, character wise and thematically. 

Don’t you dare say I didn’t get it and I should watch it again. I’m not an inbred, they repeat to the audience everything that happens like 73 times dude. Not once in my life did I dislike a film until I watched it again and “understood” it. If you try to say the film is too smart for a young adult then why is it restraining itself from the R rating by only swearing once and not having a drop of blood?

Also any film who’s antagonist goes “if I can’t have her, nobody can!” is not a smart movie. Never will be. 

I was along for the ride only because cool action and nice colours, Kenny had nice facial hair too. That being said, even the look of the film was disappointing. I appreciated the 16:9 aspect ratio and there were a lot of Dark Knight Rises-esque epic and nerve racking shots. BUT if I had to sit through one more shot reverse-shot scene of characters explaining the scene that came before with out-of-sync dialogue I’d fucking lose it man. 

rancking of daddy nol moofs


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