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  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest


    The last Hitchcock film I reviewed, The Lady Vanishes, I expressed a smidge of sadness that I still haven't found what I've been looking for from the so-called Master of Suspense. I've never *hated* a Hitchcock film; I've just always been left cold. Perhaps the issue is that all of Hitchcock's innovations and refinements have been so absorbed into the collective grammar of filmic suspense that each technique presented in his film is one with which I'm already familiar. This…

  • The Limey

    The Limey


    This movie taught me everything. Steven Soderbergh's contribution to my knowledge of film is immeasurable. I've always wanted to do editing (over directing or cinematography) thanks to Soderbergh and Sarah Flack, the editor credited on this film. The almost abstract editing taught me that you can trust the audience to figure things out, that you don't need to show a door opening if one shot of a doorknob precedes a shot of a person moving through a doorway. Scorsese said…

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  • Sausage Party

    Sausage Party


    A post from Reddit:
    Whoa bro! This movie was fucking sick. It had all these great ethnic stereotypes and then the end acknowledged that those jokes are stale. How meta! My mind was fucking blown! Also, how hilarious is it that two dudes would fuck??? Right??? So funny. You know what's also funny? Stupid religious people. They're fucking dumb for having faith. Fuck them. Now let's go smoke some weed.

  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    Truly execrable. A bloated corpse floating on the surface of a scummy river, darkened with the decay of the dead. An explosion of pus and blood expectorating from a deep wound on the psyche of the nation. A single turd rolling infinitely on the meniscus of toilet water. A gaggle of bragging tweens, loathsome with the miasma of Axe body spray, trading misogynistic jokes and laughing at men punching women in the face. A discarded and melted styrofoam container holding…