A Moment of Innocence ★★★★

I wasn't in love with this movie until late in the game. There's a moment when the actor playing the younger version of the director breaks down crying, wailing that he can't stab the policeman. The director, unseen, behind the camera, goads him on, telling him this is how he will save mankind. The actor, a child, doesn't see how stabbing a policeman will save mankind.

This immediately begs the question of whether or not the director himself had this breakdown when he was 17 and about to stab a policeman. Did he want to save mankind? Did he have doubts?

Or, more confusingly, did the director not have this breakdown but felt guilty for it? Did he have the actor break down in tears because the director didn't? Because he wanted to cry but never did?

Or, did the actor genuinely have a crying fit? Did the director not foresee these tears?

Nothing is real in the film despite all the attempts to make you feel that it is. The only facts we know are that the director stabbed a policeman when they were both younger. The rest is up to the audience to differentiate.

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