The Return of the Living Dead ★★★½


1) Format: Scream Factory Blu-ray which costs a moving arm and a kicking leg. It looks gorgeous though. Better than whatever DVD or Blu-ray is out there right now.

2) People who are "zombie purists" ie don't want to see zombies run are fucking terrible annoying people. Zombies are fictional and thus can obey or disregard any rule in a narrative.

3) The Return of the Living Dead is one of those great films that fiddle with the reason we find death so fascinating. The lady's corpse on the table, explaining the pain of death is both horrifying and alluring at the same time. Classic Kristeva shit in this movie.

4) The second half is pretty boring in comparison with the first half.

5) Endlessly quotable dialogue. I love this movie, even if it's not perfect at all.

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