Yi Yi ★★★★½

Yi Yi is tremendous and I wish I had the stamina or the mental energy to write up a review the film deserves. More often than not, I find grand epics or masterpiece by consensus robs me of my desire to wield the critical axe. I wonder if there's anything to be said about the film that hasn't already been said. Who needs another essay on 2001 or Casablanca? Not only that, but the film just vibrates on such a high level of quality that I feel I lack a commensurate level of critical acuity necessary to meet the film. Yi Yi is the type of art which leaves me speechless, the highest compliment a loquacious curmudgeon such as myself can hand out.

I took 12 stills from the film.

(I also echo Sally's complaint of subtitles disappearing for English language sequences).

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