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  • Kill List

    Kill List


    This movie has a lot going on beneath the surface.

    It was absolutely eery and unsettling, and culminates in one of the most disturbing endings to a film I have ever seen. No doubt, you will be left with a lot of questions.

  • Upgrade



    Upgrade falls short of its potential. Clunky dialogue, haphazard plot devices and many unbelievable moments leave you questioning a lot about the movie. The plot is all over the place and the ending is not as poetic or meaningful as it pretends to be.

    That being said, the action is somewhat entertaining and Logan Marshall makes a good Tom Hardy lookalike.

    Overall - disappointing!

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  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    Absolutely fantastic film. An emotional, raw drama which captivates its audience.

    This movie is a stunning expose on relationships, dealing with emotions, feelings and conflict (both self-conflict and conflict with others).

    The storytelling is absolutely captivating. The acting is powerful. A psychopath could empathise with the characters.

    This is French cinema - so be warned of a 3 hour run-time, lengthy and graphic sex scenes and all in French of course. But definitely worth a watch for something fascinating and different.

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Absolutely engaging throughout and it managed to avoid feeling like a typical, tried and done zombie movie.

    The story balances on the crux of human selfishness and altruism in the face of possible, if not certain death. You can't help but put yourself in the characters' shoes as they constantly make decisions to save themselves or risk death for those they love or even total strangers.

    On top of that comes an examination of mob mentality and the difference one…