Phantom Thread ★★★★½

"I cannot start my day with a confrontation. I simply have no time for confrontations."

Phantom Thread is my favorite "Best Picture" Oscar nominee. I came into the movie ready to love it. I'm a fan of director Paul Thomas Anderson (aka PTA). I've seen all his movies and at least liked all of them. No surprise, I loved his latest creation.

There are multiple themes running through Phantom Thread. The one that affected me the most was power dynamics in relationships. This movie takes this theme to a certain extreme. But the truths it shows can be applied to all relationships.

The haunting score by Jonny Greenwood is amazing. Sir Daniel Day-Lewis is brilliant as always and I'm sad that this might be his last performance. But Vicky Krieps somehow manages to steal the movie. She acts against Day-Lewis and more than manages to hold her own.

Most surprisingly, the film gave me more than a couple of laugh-out-loud moments. PTA's older movies had a sense of humor, but I was surprised to find it in a movie set in 50s England.

Phantom Thread reunited the team of my favorite PTA movie "There Will Be Blood" to an amazing result. I recommend seeing while it's in theaters.

P.S. I've had a ton of fun reading this interview with a psychotherapist about the movie (spoilers in it):