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  • Luce



    From the people who brought you that really poorly produced off off broadway play you were dragged too once. It’s utter trash. Incoherent plot wise, exploitative, and pretentious. Does one of the worst things a film can do which is to throw a fire grenade (or fireworks) in the middle of the room in the form of “hot topics” and do little to nothing with them. None of the actors come out of this unscathed, maybe with the exception of…

  • The Other Story

    The Other Story


    Ends up being more an occasionally insightful depiction of child-parent relationships than anything else. Unfortunately, it’s all over the place tonally and it betrays its female characters in one of the more baffling endings I’ve seen in recent memory. I was with it enough until the final twenty or so minutes when it gives into the patriarchal tendencies it purports to critique earlier in the film. The performances, especially a wonderfully sly Maya Dagan as Tali are uniformly solid but they’re stuck in an uneven mess.

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  • Hillbilly



    It’s an interesting, and well intentioned film that makes a few compelling points, but it’s too unfocused and rose tinted to be truly as compelling as it should be. The central thesis, that the community of Appalachia have been portrayed too simplsiticly and offensively in much of mass media may very well be true, but this film doesn’t always put its best food forward when trying to convince the audience of that. It shoots itself in the foot when interviewees…

  • Unicorn Store

    Unicorn Store

    The definition of mismanaged tone. It’s strinkingly inept coming from Brie Larson. She isn’t the writer here, which is where the majority of the problems arise, but her direction is inoffensive at best, borderline incoherent at worst. The film tries to pull off a level of whismsy that’s not particularly advisable, and painfully portrays the main character as childlike. It’s like if Michel Gondry tried to direct a pretty terribly conceived children’s movie. The film is littered with wonderful actors…