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  • I Saw the Light

    I Saw the Light


    Do you ever really like an actor so you watch a movie they are in only to want to write them and ask for your two hours back? That's what this movie is. How are there so many events in a movie but nothing happens?

  • Disobedience



    Nothing makes your actor aware that you're the youngest person in the audience by a couple of decades like a lengthy lesbian sex scene, featuring gratuitous spitting.

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  • Book Club

    Book Club


    A list of things that happened in the second row (where we were sitting):
    -a handful of young women were audibly VERY into the movie, making comments like “That’s kinda hot!”
    -the woman next to me took out her phone during one of the saddest parts of the movie to Shazam a song 
    -the comment “She’s pretty good,” was made about Diane Keaton

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    I have this app so I guess I’d better use it?

    Too much first person POV slashing, not enough plot.

    -Strip monopoly 
    -Casual 80’s racism via multiple feathered headdresses
    -Kevin Bacon being COMPLETELY SILENT during sex