It's Only the End of the World ★★★

Grade: B

Not completely sure about Dolan’s intention with this film. I wonder why Louis is so incapable of speaking up, especially when the dramatic momentum begs him to. He (the director) is almost rubbing our faces in the uncomfortableness that this family creates. Antoine’s hostility (they call it brutality) begins to make sense near the end. He is hurt by his brother’s distance and chooses to diminish him as a response. Despite that, his extreme nature is a bit much at times. Marion Cotillard is unlike I’ve ever seen her. She stutters and fails to speak up equally as much as Louis. She is pitiable yet irrevocably watchable. Everyone is damn good, here.

I am conflicted, but such an emotion comes from my undying admiration for that enfant terriblé from Quebec! Bravo and keep it going, Xavier!