Depeche Mode: 101 ★★½

Patchy hybrid of a road movie and concert film that doesn't wholly satisfy as either. The band are largely background players, and do little other than hang around in backstage areas and diners; Dave Gahan shows an end-of-tour tetchiness, but this is largely unexplored. The second strand follows a group of young fans following the band's tour across the US in a bus; they're lively and engaging and at times charming but there's little payoff to their involvement. Far more interesting (and under-utilised) is the band's long-suffering manager Jonathan Kessler, solving all sorts of technical problems and counting his money at the end. The best element is undoubtedly the concert footage, showing off the band's brilliant back catalogue superbly; Gahan is a magnetic performer, and the version of Everything Counts is incredible. A nice experiment, but significantly less than the sum of its parts.