Fascination ★★★

An unmistakably French slice of erotic horror from the master of the genre, Jean Rollin, Fascination tells the story of a thief on the run in 1916 who holes up in an isolated chateau occupied by two beautiful who take a curious interest in him. This being Rollin, very little happens, and it takes an eternity to do so, but it looks sumptuous. Rollin's camera wrings every last drop of atmosphere out of the chateau, the French countryside and of course the cast of beautiful women, all of whom disrobe at some point. Jean-Marie Le Maire is an engaging lead, and the soundtrack oscillates from eery ambience to thudding drones. After watching this and the similarly glacial Grapes Of Death, I'm still not entirely sure I quite 'get' Rollin, but Fascination is a sumptuous looking film and well worth a watch.