Pieces of a Woman

Pieces of a Woman ★★★★

The usage of long tracking shot without a cut, which lasted for more than twenty minutes makes me wonder how it's possible to pull it off. The screenplay which feels like it happened in someone's life. The shot structure, were the camera doesn't cut away from the actors, stays on them for few moments adds more drama and tension on screen. Vanessa Kirby, probably wouldn't get an Oscar for her role Martha, brought so much heart to the film, wouldn't be convincing if someone was on her shoe filling the role of Martha. Pieces of Woman is not an joy ride, it's undeniably heart wrenching tale of a family who are grieving. The script takes it's time to unhook the elements of grieving and it doesn't feel rushed nor it doesn't feel scripted. Everything going on screen is somewhere or the other could be relatable to us, the people around us, losing our cool when we should be calm. People cry in this film, and it feels almost a part of them got lost.

The cinematography, where usage more tracking shots panning whenever it's necessary, captivating us into film which was fascinating to watch. This is a movie which comes rarely to Hollywood, stepping aside from the cliché we've seen million times, Pieces of a Woman stands out where it should and it's something which will be appreciated now or in the long run without a doubt.

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