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  • Western Stars

    Western Stars


    Bruce basically applies the formula from his Broadway show to his album Western Stars, so it's new music, not a career overview, it's in a cooler looking setting with cutaway scenes of a mix of stock working class footage, home movies, and new footage shot just for this.

    It feels less Broadway and more barn party (that's a plus), and while I like the Western Stars album a lot, this film pulled some of the songs I overlooked out and gave them a new shine.

  • Taylor Swift – Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

    Taylor Swift – Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions


    Swift is secluded in a beautiful cabin with a couple of co-songwriters and plays her folklore album for the first time (as it was recorded during COVID).

    In between songs, Swift and the songwriters talk about the songs. The dude from Fun interrupts a bit too much, and while the songs are killer and the performances are stellar, the lyrics aren't so complicated that they need much explicating. And sometimes the songwriters get a little too into talking about process.…

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  • Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's

    Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's


    Classy documentary about a department store where the 1% shops. The most interesting part was when a business reporter was talking about the economics of retail and how poor people stop buying milk if the price goes up a dime, but if prices go up on elite brands in a store like Bergdorf's, things sometimes sell better. Also, I found Kors' suggestion that a store is only as good as the people who shop there to be quite interesting.

  • Other Music

    Other Music


    Other Music, at first, seems like another documentary about the loss of another beloved cultural institution that is seemingly important to a community that no longer supports it (I Like Killing Flies, Paperback Dreams, etc.) - thematically tying in to the concept of Hawthorne's unpardonable sin - where we rush to embrace technology at a pace greater than our moral capacity to understand the repercussions.

    In other words - Other Music was once a very important and highly influential downtown…