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  • Downrange



    Extra half star for the last shot of the film.

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  • Popcorn



    Oh, Jill Schoelen, where did you go? Horror sorely needs another actress with Schoelen's easy charm. The perfect Final Girl, though she never quite played one unless you count this movie as a Slasher which I don't. Looking back at her roles in Horror, it's surprising how little she actually did in the genre; The Stepfather, The Curse II, Cutting Class, The Phantom of the Opera, Popcorn and When a Stranger Calls Back. In my mind, she was ubiquitous during…

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    Law Abiding Citizen


    ***UPDATE - Mother of God, I just looked up the writer of this genuine moron movie, Kurt Wimmer and I now understand everything; Equilibrium, Salt, Point Break Remake, Ultraviolet, The Recruit, Street Kings, the list goes on and on. The man is responsible for damn near every dumb, joyless movie of the last fifteen years! Never again, I say! Never again! ***

    While a Death Wish/Saw mash-up sounds like some fun Grand Guignol this film manages to be so insipid…