Possessor ★★★½

Brandon Cronenberg cashing in that nepotism to make movies with similar themes as his dad. A lot going on from a theme standpoint. The invasion of privacy that technology brings, human consciousness, desire, etc... It brings up a lot of interesting questions on how far we're willing to let corporations invade our personal lives for profit.

Really love a lot of the stylistic choices in this. A lot of the surreal moments and technical flares throughout are really cool to look at and feel eery and unsettling. The score too is fantastic and just adds to the uncomfortableness of it all. The acting is all very good too. Really enjoyed the performances from Andrea Riseborough and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Christopher Abbott was real good too and that dude is someone to look out for, he takes really interesting roles.

I had a lot of fun spotting all the Toronto locations. It makes the city look kind of gross, similar in the way Enemy did, but it also made it look kind of cool as well.

It's a very intense watch though and the violence is hyperrealistic. I had to cover my eyes a bit at times for how brutal it is. There's no 'fun' in this movie, and that's the biggest difference I can see from David Cronenberg's work that Brandon brings. David's work usually has a bit of campiness to it. This movie is fucking raw, and brutal, and so much so that I think it would be hard for me to watch again.

And there's also this very Canadian film vibe to it? The cinematography is gorgeous, and I can't quite put my finger on it, but just growing up here you get a sense for it. I feel like (despite its subject matter) it could be run on the CBC.

Definitely a cool watch and I enjoyed a lot about it. I just think maybe it might be a too bleak and fatalistic for me. I need just a little camp. Also, it's a little pretentious and not in the good way.

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