The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Absolutely wickedly mesmerizing! 

first of all i’d honestly want to give credit to robert egger for his masterpiece.. he’s going to be remembered because of this... 
Its just weirdly on spot. 
I loved the long zooming shots w black & white color mixing i could watch these scenes all over. 

I think there’d definitely be a production design nomination not mentioning how pattinson & defoe completely snapped! 

Im absolutely without a chance going to rewatch this in upcoming weeks but with also a subtitles... im glad that ive read the script before even watching the movie without it i’d have not understood half the words they both said!! 

& tbh i said that i’d be less surprised after reading because i rarely do this but when i remember the writing & watching all over w the scenes, oh mom its just stupidly good lmao!!
The mermaids scenes oml i wanted more of these more than y’all can imagine, brilliant. 

Its one of them dark horror dramas that end exactly the way i love in films... EGGERS is a fuckin’ genius... slamming the audience w an end that’d make them attached even more! 

You can clearly see a bit of similarities from the VVitch! 

Un utter classic🖤