Room ★★★★★

All that Jack knows is the room that he and his mother, Joy, live in that has only a skylight and a TV to show a world outside of their own. After Jack turns five years old he helps his mother and himself escape from their captor and the only life he has ever known. Finally free from their tiny room Jack and Joy attempt to start anew and reintegrate themselves in the big, broad world...easier said than done.

Holy cow I was not expecting how powerful this movie was going to be or the strong emotions it would invoke in me. I know this had some great Oscar buzz all the way through some of the film festivals in 2015, but it took it to a level that I will be thoroughly disappointed if Brie Larson doesn't get an Oscar nod for this. Larson was absolutely phenomenal conveying the anguish both as a captive in the room and the struggling young mother thrust back into the world that kept on spinning for the seven years hers stopped. The story was crafted so well that I could feel myself getting anxious when she step into the room weeks after her rescue fearing that some door would shut in her again. On top of that the time spent showing the transition to life in the wide world again with both Jack and Joy was fantastic and everything from action to dialogue was so genuine that kept me captivated the entire time. The story and the acting brought me to tears a number of times with such a powerful tale of survival and the uplifting strength found in those that love us. I am so glad I saw this before it was gone from theaters and I have no hesitation giving this one 5 out of 5 stars.

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