So, this is what remains of French extreme.

(Quietly hanging/shaking head in disapointment)

While Pascal Laugier and Alexandre Aja have high-tailed it to Hollywood, Bustillo and Maury have been left holding the torch for the French extreme. And after several years gestating since Inside I was excited when I learned of the duos new horror, Livid. 'A vampire movie with a twist'. Yay!

Unfortunetely the only twist here is that it shares absolutely none of the quality hallmarks of a traditional 'French extreme' movie. The opening scenes start out fairly promising. A young girl is starting work-experience with a door to door 'nurse' distributing intrevenous drugs to the elderly. It could almost be social realist horror. But things descend very very quickly into a bit fat pile of stupid as the young girl revisits a big creepy old house later that evening with a pair of hapless idiots to find and steal hidden treasure (no shit - hidden treasure).

We then stumble clumsily from one stereotype to the next. Creepy dolls, stuffed animals, childrens drawings, and a handful of progressively daft flaskback sequences. A quick tip for the uninformed: Do not roundhouse-kick a taxdermy ballet dancer in the face for no reason. Clearly no good will come of it.

It really is a shame that this hasn't lived up to its potential. Without the visceral violence and genuine scares of its predecessors, Livid is a hard watch, but for all the wrong reasons. And if you're still considering checking out this turkey than don't opt for the blu-ray. It's like watching through a net curtain.

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