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  • Katzelmacher


    A movie about prejudice, gossip, hopelessness and the unbearable loneliness that's imposed by force on many people by a lot of factors.
    The camera work and the screenplay worked together to achieve the beauty of this film.
    Fassbinder masterfully used the camera to show the state of the characters without much talking. There are several beautiful shots where the characters stand in a row and their movements there reflect their thoughts and feelings. Some scene can't be told as they…

  • Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

    Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

    أعجزني عن قول شيء، وهل غادر ميكاس من متردم بعد ما قاله عن وطنه، عن طفولته وشبابه، عن سجنه وعذابه.

    "Where are you now my old childhood friends? How many of you are alive? Where are you scattered? Through the graveyards, through the torture rooms, through the prisons, through the labor camps of the western civilization. But I see your faces, just like they used to be. They never changed in my memory. They remain young. It's me who's getting…

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  • F9


    Shitty fan poster for the upcoming shit from the shitty franchise.
    I hope this one won't be set in a parallel reality as the previous film.

  • Suspiria


    A conversation between Dario and Argento..

    Dario: I watched that flick you told me about the other day.
    Argento: Which one?
    Dario: The one directed by Polanski about modern witchcraft.
    Argento: Rosemary's baby?
    Dario: That's the one.
    Argento: You know? I thought of rewriting the screenplay and wanted you to direct the movie.
    Dario: I will be glad to.
    Argento: But I'm afraid my screenplay isn't that good.
    Dario: Don't worry. I will fill the scenes with intense colors to…