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  • À Nos Amours

    À Nos Amours


    Loved this honest-to-god representation of a young woman's gradual maturity. It made me contemplate on how "coming of age" for a lot of us seems as menial as coming to terms with our immediate surroundings, adapting to the times, adapting to the inevitable changes; but À Nos Amours talks about the grit of it all, the confusion, the loneliness, and the violence in growing up--getting older. It's ugly, it's painful, and love can almost seem like just another word for…

  • Nocturama



    The completion of the attacks marked the transition from the first half to the second half of the film. Along those, whatever initial notions I had about the film were also blown away along the debris of the explosions. Once inside the mall, I found myself looking into the same mirrors the characters gazed upon. Watched them all change their clothes and stare at their resemblance in the mannequins. Paralyzed by time, confined in the quarters of a mall; an entire night at an empire of consumerism. What happens when the ideologies we claim to possess end up possessing us? Rebirth? Death?

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  • House of Tolerance

    House of Tolerance


    The film's English titles are "House of Pleasures" and "House of Tolerance." But the words pleasure and tolerance have meanings that are worlds apart. So, where is the line? In this brothel, where does pleasure end and tolerance begin? Is there even pleasure in the beginning? Are there even pleasures at all?

    I was so taken aback by this masterpiece. Wasn't prepared for this at all. Felt so dazed and tormented with the girls' lives in the brothel. And that…

  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir


    There is an element of blindsidedness in the way the film was shot and told. I believe that was the point of it all.