Defendor ★★★★

Great little film! This is one of the best films about heroism. It reminds a lot of Ghost dog (1999) and the atmosphere is also very similar with it. I don't think this film is a comedy - it would be same to say that Dark Knight is a comedy (hmmm..).

Defendor was quite serious depiction of a delusional, retarded, man who thinks that he is a super hero looking for the mystical enemy (what a beautiful allegory of the USA's foreign policy! :) Story is well written and actors bring about their characters. Woody Harrelson doesn't over act or fall in easy mannerism when rendering the role of man who has stayed on the level of child (he doesn't drop lines like 'life is like a box of chocolate' - thank God for that!) I don't know in what movies Kat Dennings has been, but she is a very good actress.

Editing and overall tempo of the movie is very fluent. Soundtrack was great - especially John Rowley's score.