Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

Rewatched this and realized it wasn’t the tendentious and counterintuitive serve I initially thought it was.
         Firstly, despite Cassie being portrayed as recalcitrant, she doesn’t technically do anything defiant. Sure, she goes around scaring the living shit out of men who intended on date raping her or otherwise, but other than that any deserved punishment is remitted. Realistically, next time they’ll just make sure the girl they plan on taking advantage of is actually inebriated.
     Secondly, I hated how static Cassie’s character was compared to the volatile impression we’re fed by the writers. Throughout the entire movie the only time we see a dent in Cassie’s tedious temperament is right before she’s murdered. Nice.
   This ties into my third point. The murder and the ostensible ending. I really enjoyed the ending initially because I felt that I understood the importance of Cassie’s death. If she didn’t sacrifice herself then the video of Nina’s assault wouldn’t have been of any relevance after all these years. Also, Cassie didn’t seem to have any future prospects as her entire life revolved around Nina’s death and scolding sexual predators. Not to mention she’s seen as rancorous and incessant to everyone around her. To sum it up; there was no point for her to continue living so she sacrificed her life for the greater good.

    But why should another woman have to die in order for justice to be served? It’s really fucking axiomatic that that’s the core message that’s being delivered and it’s so demoralizing.
     In retrospect the ending is super ridiculous as well. We are given a tacit explanation of the fates of Cassie’s murderer and his creepy fuckface friends but it’s just not sitting right with me. The chances of all those white, cis gendered yuppy fucks being persecuted for one girl’s murder and another girl’s dated shut-and-close rape case are depressingly low. Alternatively, I might just be reading into it too much and Cassie’s plan was just to have Al Monroe go to prison as vengeance for Nina and the video to be seen as his motive. But that still leaves room to worry about whether justice would be served in regards to Ryan and every other enabler.

In the end, I lowkey prefer the movies creepy old men make where the woman is perceived as insane and goes around killing rapists and every other man that gets in her way!