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  • Waves



    all we have is now

    i'm still reeling from this film. an achingly profound, unrelenting spiral into the effects toxic masculinity and the pressures imposed by a parent have on the mind of a teenager. these performances are monumental and should be at the forefront this awards season.

    so fiercely directed and visually astounding. while some might be put off by a perspective shift that happens, I found it to be necessary and powerful, surprising in the most profound, satisfying…

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    been waiting to see this since february when me and @ebsizzlin were 1 waitlist spot away from getting into the final sundance screening good times!Β 

    so undeniably personal and honest. Alma finds moments of visual beauty in the simplicity, ways to make the cyclic nature of the dialogue-driven scenes between a hotel room and a rehab center still feel full of poignance.Β 

    eventually the flashback scenes of young shia and his dad started to drag and feel repetitive. Β I would’ve…

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  • Hereditary



    I can't really rate this rn, bc unfortunately it's so difficult to separate the film itself from my experience. There were 2 middle aged women beside me who talked at full volume, not whispering, mostly about how bored they were and how dumb/silly/long they thought this was, throughout the entire film. The woman right beside me had her phone screen lit up for majority of the film, spending most of it texting…

  • To the Stars

    To the Stars


    sundance #2

    preface: before this I was in the bathroom at the sinks and the lady beside me goes β€œdont you just love old fashioned sinks!” And I was internally like WHAT then looked up and it was TESSA THOMPSON and we proceeded to have a convo about sinks. then I go to my seat and not only is she sitting in front of me, but then Damien Chazelle comes and sits in my row a couple seats downΒ