Rocketman ★★★★

I’ve been listening to this soundtrack on repeat!!! i still wish we spent more time in Elton’s high point because the movie is incredible when it’s in full on musical fantasy mode, but I also commend them for infusing some of the scenes covering his low points with that same surrealism and energy, namely in the pinball wizard and rocket man sequences. 

but still, there are several other more downbeat musical numbers and music-less scenes in the last third that tread over the same points and go on for too long, and they don’t carry the energy that the fantastical music numbers in the middle portion do. regardless, I genuinely love this film despite its flaws. when it works, it’s a blast.

to conclude: someone got up to refill their drink right as the crocodile rock performance started and I died a little inside. that is the best part of the entire film. your slushie refill can wait.

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