Rocketman ★★★★

this is the first time in recent memory that my mom has wanted to see the same movie for a second time! a historic moment! 

thoughts on this rewatch:
- jamie bell can fuckin SING 
-the scenes transition seamlessly 
-the running theme of Elton’s loneliness and longing for love makes him feel so human. I think the party after the troubadour/tiny dancer is especially great in depicting it
-the exchange between elton and john reid right before honky cat when reid asks “what do you want, elton?” and elton replies “dinner with you” is hilarious and taron’s delivery of that line is perfection
-the sequence when elton goes from getting his stomach pumped to going on stage at dodgers stadium is brilliantly executed
-the final rehab scene when his family appears was even more cringey 
- i think it subverts the tired ~evil one-dimensional manager~ cliché (cough a star is born cough). madden’s performance and the script elevate and bring nuance to Reid’s character

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