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  • Glass



    A gorgeous film with an effective score. Was very surprised by the insular and super slow mo story telling but I was on board for the first hour forty, truly, set any movie in a nut house with a movie doctor in heels and I’m sold. ultimately the story suffers from its molasses pace. Shyamalan takes this super hero shit deathly serious but pardon me, I do not. A surprisingly subdued ending to the big deal trilogy (this better be…

  • Starman



    I asked Matt if he would pretend to be an alien for me later and he said no 😞

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  • Vice



    A movie made for liberals dumbed down at every turn and then it has the gall to look that same audience in the eye, its target market, and lecture us for not being mad enough, please, if I wanted that for two plus hours I’d just go on Twitter; tweets are shot better than this movie

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Gave it five stars on first viewing, every aspect worked extra on second watch. Hawke is better than I remember, a miserable man going mad trying to hide his misery, and Cedric the entertainer kills, I hope he gets an Oscar nom as well. The first half is steeped in despair, it’s so dreadful, until we reach a tipping point and you can’t help but laugh although it still feels awful. Boy oh boy I love religion and alcoholism in my movies.