The Set-Up

The Set-Up ★★★★

I was about to write a whole thing praising Robert Wise for really having the range as a director and mastering so many different film genres but then I read his Letterboxd bio and it says everything I wanted to say so that’s that on that. 

The Set-Up is really great, the entire plot pretty much spans the runtime and I love that in a film or play, it makes me feel really involved. A good deal of the film is spent watching a boxing match and it’s so thrilling and well choreographed! The realism is no doubt helped by Robert Ryan being a college heavyweight champ (for all 4 years he was there no less), and he’s brilliant in and out of the ring. He’d also get my vote for People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive 1949 so yes, I did enjoy seeing him wearing some rather small boxing shorts in this.

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