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This review may contain spoilers.

As a die-hard Chucky fan I really enjoyed this, and was laughing as hysterically as him by the end.

After not liking Curse so much, I went into this with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised to see how off the rails it went. Unfortunately every scene without Chucky or Fiona Dourif is a chore to sit through, we don't need any of the bargain bin exposition on the other asylum patients, and there are a few dumb digital effects thrown in... but the Chucky mayhem more than made up for it. So much of it is utterly ridiculous, and I love that they actually keep the "Chucky canon" going despite how little sense any of it makes, especially in this movie.

As far back as Curse, I was astonished at how much Fiona Dourif resembled her father, especially when she gives crazy glares, so I always thought it'd be great if they had Chucky possess her at some point. I never thought they would be brave enough to stray that far from the 'Child's Play formula,' though, so you can imagine how overjoyed I was to see where they went with the ending. This was the ultimate antithesis to how constrained and unimpressive Curse was, and definitely where the franchise needs to go, rather than into 'reboot' territory. So hats off to the decision-making.

Also, as someone who has mixed feelings about the Bride and Seed installments, I thought that the humor was handled much better in this one. Yes, there were some dumb 'tongue-in-cheek current events' jokes here and there, but I guess I can overlook them because it's Chucky.

Chucky looks really weird and anime-ish like Carlo mentioned in his review, but yeah, it works because of the weird gestures/poses they put him in. He just looks grotesque and crazy in most of the shots, but how else would you want your Chucky???

Definitely going to pick up the blu-ray for this, and pray that there is a behind-the-scenes clip of Brad coaching Fiona on the family laugh.

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