Robot Carnival ★★★

A collection of robot-themed shorts (well, except one.) It's probably going to be hit and miss for everyone because they're all so wildly different, but there were a few I thought were pretty fun.

1. Franken's Gears - Pretty boring. The interior of the lab was cool to watch, though.

2. Deprive - My favorite of the bunch - an entire action film distilled down to 7 crazy minutes.

3. Presence - At over 20 minutes, it's the longest, and really takes its time. I thought the ending in particular was way overdone. If it had been half as long I probably would have liked it.

4. Starlight Angel - Super silly and all over the place, but in a good way.

5. Cloud - Awful. I can just imagine what the artist was thinking when he started working on this. "Hah, they want robots? I'm just going to dress my cute little clown character up as a robot, then fill 15 minutes with my wonderful cloud art. And they're going to love it!"

6. A Tale of Two Robots - It was good. That's really all I have to say about this one.

7. Red Neck and Chicken Man - I really love the art and robot design here, so I just stopped caring about what was happening and enjoyed the spectacle.