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  • I Am Love

    I Am Love


    I'm not the kind of person who is inherently repelled by plots about rich people and their problems, but I was so profoundly bored by the plot of this film that I found myself looking everywhere else in this film but the plot. As it happens, the cinematography is incredible, and the score (by John Adams!) is only a notch or two below that--sort of Herrmann meets Philip Glass. So this movie skates by on those two things and exclusively…

  • Collective



    A mostly pretty engaging documentary about the investigative journalism that exposed all the healthcare fraud that came to light after the Colectiv nightclub fire in Romania. This is one of those situations in which, from a cinematic perspective, the filmmakers lucked into documenting an investigation that became much bigger than anyone could have guessed at the outset, and consequently, this movie has a you-are-there component that's pretty rare in these activist-journalism type of documentaries because that sort of thing is…

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  • American Factory

    American Factory


    American Factory has a lot of really good raw material about the fresh evils of multi-national corporations and the ways in which labor gets exploited by global capitalism. Its central fight for unionization at the Fuyao factory in Dayton, Ohio, is rousing and vital. All of that is why I've given American Factory anything close to a positive rating. But the rest... woof. The fact that this movie frames the whole conflict of the situation as some sort of American…

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    There was a span of about thirty minutes at the beginning of Speed Racer when I thought I might be watching the greatest movie of all time. Then there was still like 110 minutes left of the film, though, and the movie's runtime is absolutely the biggest liability here, letting the movie get tied up in all its gobbledygook wheels-within-wheels plotting, and giving its actors time to get tripped up on the arch cadence the movie requires of them (I'd…