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Favorite films

  • Vibrator
  • Baby It's You
  • Christine
  • Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind

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  • Behind the Green Door


  • Dark Heritage


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Recent reviews

  • Behind the Green Door

    Behind the Green Door


    It’s a sex club. The first movie I sit down to watch in a week, chosen randomly, turns out to be pornography. One of the groundbreaking films of its type and that’s all well and good but I was expecting something spooky with a title like that, not six-sevenths hardcore sex scenes. Where ejaculation is the most dull part of regular sex, here it’s the highlight of the movie as things get quite psychedelic. Probably the only highlight. Maybe there’s…

  • Dark Heritage

    Dark Heritage


    Proof that cheap sincerity is worth so much more than cheap cheese. This fell apart at the end but crafted a truly admirable and effective atmosphere with what means it had. Evil should be happening to regular people too. It's going to look like this.

Popular reviews

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    if rape culture didn’t exist would it be necessary to invent it? One movie seems to think so. A hollow, confused redressing of the rape revenge genre made worse as i was dragged to this by someone wanting to redress me for watching those movies. They didn’t like it either. Anyway whatever, metrics:
    - Last House on the Left: 84 minutes
    - Ms. 45: 80 minutes
    - Savage Streets: 93 minutes
    - Naked Vengeance: 76 minutes
    - The Ladies Club: 85 minutes
    - Basie Moi: 77 minutes
    - This: 113 minutes

    Sorry, right side of history, you lose.

  • A Touch of Fever

    A Touch of Fever


    Characters absolutely SUFFERING silently in scenes while the world goes on around them. Burning needs and desires kept hidden, tucked away in corners of the screen, overwritten by ingnorant/unfeeling talk and action. The long bedroom scene may be the best thing i’ve seen all year but reviews i’ve found call it clumsy and dull, and the movie on the whole too depressing. Idiots run the world.