Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

sound of metal sucks you into this temporary experience of what some people have permanently, both by hearing what ruben actually hears and not having the ability to continue what you love doing most. from start to finish, this was impactful. one that hit me most was actually a short part but the way he destroyed and stomped on his musical equipment (which, as seen earlier, was what he was just cleaning and fixing up as a part of his morning routine) tore my heart to bits. no one with dreams and passion ever deserves to have it wrecked forever and also have nothing to do about it. riz ahmed’s performance was absolutely beyond words that it felt like he reached in, took all my emotions, and returned it back to me as the movie ended. he owned that role.

although contrarily, i ended up asking for more, and it’s not the kind that i 100% loved it so much that there should be a sequel—no. i thought it was either a bit lacking of cohesiveness or there’s something missing. yet either way, this is a debut film and knowing that fact alone was a shock to me because of how good it already was!

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